C. Rica president emphasizes seriousness of Nicaragua crisis to OAS

OAS COSTA RICA | 12 de junio de 2018

Washington, Jun 12 (efe-epa).- Costa Rica's new president, Carlos Alvarado, on Tuesday in a speech before the Organization of American States in Washington emphasized the crisis in neighboring Nicaragua and lobbied for the defense of the democracies in the region.

Alvarado, who is on his first trip abroad since taking office, insisted before the 34 OAS member states that the situation in Nicaragua is getting "ever worse," and he urged Managua to abide by the recommendations of the International Commission on Human Rights to put an end to the violence.

The ICHR, which sent a delegation to Nicaragua three weeks ago, verified incidents of violence and urged Manague to "halt the repression of the protests" against the government of Daniel Ortega.

In addition, the organization asked Nicaraguan authorities to "investigate and sanction" the use of force by "para-police actors" and to dismantle the said groups, as well as to seak "a peaceful, constitutional and democratic solution to the current political crisis affecting the country."

Alvarado said that the Nicaraguan crisis is a source of "daily consternation and concern" for Costa Ricans.

The president, who took office on May 8, emphasized "the historical, economic and family ties" uniting Nicaragua and Costa Rica, which are contiguous, calling it a "positive" development that the issue was discussed at the last OAS General Assembly held last week.

Regarding Venezuela, Alvarado applauded the OAS push to withdraw recognition for last May's presidential vote there in accord with the approval of a resolution signed by 19 countries which opens the door to Caracas' eventual exit from the OAS.

He said that "it is necessary to continue seeking the consensus needed within the organization to respond effectively to this crisis and bring about positive changes on the ground."

Alvarado participated earlier in a discussion at the Inter-American Dialogue think tank and later on Tuesday will meet with Inter-American Development Bank officials and US Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

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